Weight Loss Tips: The Importance of Drinking Water

Never underestimate the importance of drinking water if you are looking to drop some pounds.  Water can help to boost your metabolism, help you to shed water weight and suppress your appetite.  Drinking the right amount of water will require will-power and organisation, following these simple steps can help you succeed with your weight loss efforts, promote a healthy lifestyle and can generally make you feel your best.

Increase your water consumption!

Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout each day and always have a glass or bottle of water nearby.

Staying well-hydrating will curb your hunger and help you to feel full without having to reach for snacks and other high calorie liquids.  This will help you to get through each day without consuming as many calories.  Consuming fewer calories can help you to lose weight.

Purchasing a refillable bottle will help you to have water on hand throughout the day without having the expense of purchasing bottles from the shop.  If you do not enjoy the taste of water or are looking for more variety – you can add a squirt of lemon or lime.

You can also consider heating your water during the cooler months and drinking it warm.

Replace Sweetened and High-Calorie Drinks With Water

Whilst this might sound like common sense, I cannot stress the importance of limiting your intake of sweetened and high-calorie drinks when trying to lose weight.  Instead of drinking fizzy drinks, alcohol or smoothies – just drink your water.  You will be surprised how quickly your craving for a sweetened drink will disappear as soon as you are full of calorie-free water.  Switching these drinks for water can save you hundreds of calories per day and speed up your weight loss journey.

If you are going to drink alcohol – try and challenge yourself to drink an equal amount of water.  For example, if you drink 1 pint of lager, drink 1 pint of water to match your intake.

Drink it Cold – Learn to Love Ice!


You can boost your water-drinking efforts by having your water ice cold.  Drinking cold water will force your body to burn additional calories as it warms it up to body temperature.  Invest in an ice cube tray if you don’t already have one and feel free to freeze your bottles.

Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking a glass of water before you have a meal can reduce your appetite and stop you from over-eating.  It could help you feel full and satisfied, quicker.  As water is a natural appetite suppressant – drinking it before all meals and snacks could contribute to your weight loss success.

Remember: Water Can Make You Feel Your Best!

  • It helps to keep things moving, digestion-wise.  Water dissolves fats and soluble fibre so can help you to, go.  Not only does drinking enough water help to prevent constipation but it also helps to cleanse your liver by flushing waste products.

  • It can help to improve your mood.  Drinking lots of water can help you to feel refreshed and can improve your own state of mind.  If you allow your self to become dehydrated then you might suffer from headaches and a low mood.  Dehydration could also lower your attention span and impair your memory and motor skills.

  • It can help you to think more clearly.  Not drinking enough water can lead to your brain tissue shrinking.  This means that your brain has to work that little bit harder to achieve the same results.  Stay well hydrated to avoid this unnecessary fatigue.

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