Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules 850g

Product image 1Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules 850g
Product image 2Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules 850g

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Green Tea Antioxidant Capsules 850g

Green Tea is a powerful natural antioxidant and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. It has been used in Chinese medicine for around 4,000 years. These capsules contain high quality green tea extract so you can get maximum effects in one easy-to-take dose. It is claimed that Green Tea is useful as a weight loss aid by increasing your metabolic rate and by inducing thermogenesis.

✔ A convenient and easy to swallow so you don't need to let the bitterness of green tea stand in the way of your health.

✔ With 30 capsules included, just one pouch will last a whole month.

✔ Purchase with confidence as this product is manufactured right here in the UK.

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