Royal Jelly 750mg Tablets

Product image 1Royal Jelly 750mg Tablets
Product image 2Royal Jelly 750mg Tablets

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Royal Jelly 750mg Tablets

Royal jelly is a secretion used by worker bees to feed and nourish their queens. Queen bees live exclusively on royal jelly which is thought to be responsible for their size and longevity. Royal Jelly has long been a key ingredient in topical beauty creams that moisturize the skin and reduce the early signs of ageing. Royal Jelly could also help to reduce symptoms associated with hay fever.

✔ Can help people that suffer with hay fever symptoms

✔ It has long been a key ingredient in beauty creams, helping to reduce the first signs of ageing

✔ Royal Jelly is the food for queen bees and is believed to be the secret to their size, strength and longevity

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